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The New Orleans saints run away to love seafood, but his body doesn't think so. 5 years ago, a big bowl of sea fresh okraes made his face itchy and difficult to breathe, there is no doubt that this is the symptom of shellfish allergy.

In addition to defense, offensive, their new star quartz Sanshi Alan also appeared more mature. While maintaining a consistent heavy gun threat, this year, he dare to hold the ball attack. In the game, Bill's record is 9 wins and 2 losses.

Wearing in 1981, I took over the Auben University football team, when this team was only more than 3 years in the previous 6. In the 12 years of the coaching team, wearing the Austrian university has achieved 99 wins and 39 losses 4 flat records, winning or sharing 4 Southeast League champions. The Auben Tiger has 5 times a famous Top ten teams in the country.

This year, Bill is still in a state of being unwell, even completely neglected, and has a steady way. Although Bill is not very concerned in many outbreaks, but in the fifteenth week, I rely on the final death of death, and after defeating the steel man, Bill re-locks the seasons again. They also once visited the United States and East Throne, even in the sixteenth week, there was strength and patriotic wrist, one higher. This time, they returned to people's sight!

Now Peterson came to New Orleans, one of the most delicious seafood in the United States. He is not afraid of allergic risks, with adrenaline with adrenaline with adrenaline, while continuing to collect seafood dishes in the city. Carbon baked oysters are now his favorite.

Breddy's lift season makes the patriotic fans
The four-point satellite of the new England patriots in the last season, Tom Brady, numerous times with terrible activities, including the most frightened jumping swimming.

Peterson admitted that he did not have a diet after coming to New Orleans, many NFL players have also admitted this for many years. "I have been trying to restrain because when I first came here, they tested my body fat content, measured by 7% or 8%, two weeks, I received a test again, the body fat content is close to 9 % Or 10%. I thought, I would like to make sure I no longer eat so much, but these seafood is too delicious. "

But Potson is difficult to resist the delicious seafood. The experience of eating shrimp in 2015 caused him to have allergic reactions again, which led his stomach discomfort, and he was able to endanger him. However, he finally got 95 yards in the game against the Saint.

[Play in the playoffs] Buffalo
There is such a team that they have gathered their stars, and the strength of the alliance is strong, but they will take four runners and almost completely quiet in the 21st century. They are Buffalo Bill.

At present, 49 people are still looking for new training venues, and they are more inclined to train in Bay, and fly to Arizona when they play. However, according to the requirements of Santa Clara, there are more than 150 miles of return customers to isolate for at least 14 days.

In terms of pavement attack, the rookie Singgite plus the portfolio of Frank Gore is full. Especially in Gore, there is still oil in the fuel tank. This season has completed the rush of career 15000+ code, surpassing Barry Sanders, Rongdeng's third!

49 people said in the statement: "The Rock Club, State Agricultural Insurance Stadium and Alliance officials support us to help us care about the Qing Dynasty, solve the problem of many changing competitions."

This old-fashioned brigade, once in the 90-91 season to the 93-94 season, two consecutive times in the super bowl. These four seasons, Bill sits on an extremely luxurious lineup. 90-91 season, NFL history, the first Bruce Smith took the best defensive player; 91-92 season, cheap jerseys core running guard Thurman Thomas take MVP and the best offensive player; 93-94 season, the main coach Marv Levy is best Coach ... But it may be that the sky is talented. It is such a luxury, in the regular season, but repeatedly fell in the final super bowl game, it is awkward.

After the 4th runner-up, Bill did not decline immediately, and still entered the playoffs many times in the later years. However, in the 99-00 season, Bill is in the playoffs of Titan, the last time is a magical attack on the other party, the history called "Music City Miracle", let the world remember, and let Bill once again realize The pain of defeat, and the 16 seasons after this time, they changed 8 coach, and no longer entered the playoffs and opened their gray 21st century.

Although the Bill's team does not have a special big star, they can be described as the three army's use of life, all the people, this is particularly obvious in defense. Bill's defensive effect is manifested at every part, full of confusing rush, solid and flexible wire guard, with an aggressive second-line defense. It is especially to mention that Bill's defensive second-line, they are the only team who did not send the country far away cheap jerseys from china the country. When the ball is facing 20 yards, the Bill's defensive group is given to the other party's quadrant The 23.4 passed score. Among them, the professional bowl star angle, this season got 6 copied Trevis - White Gong!